Item issues

What do I do if there’s a problem with my items?

If there are any issues with your delivery, please contact us so we can help you out. If your concern is with a specific item, it's helpful to include the item number with your enquiry. You can find the item number on the Stitch Fix label attached to the item as well as on the paper bill included with your order.

What if I didn’t like anything in my order?

We’re disappointed your order didn’t have what you’re looking for. When you check out, leave us feedback. Our Stylists do their best to match your taste based on the information in your Style Profile and feedback. Leaving specific feedback on each item in your order is key to learning where we went wrong and what you’re looking for instead. For example, if you rate a shirt ‘hate it’, we may not know what you hate about it, and run the risk of sending something similar in the future. However, if you tell us ‘this shirt was too tight in the shoulders and I don’t like prints’, we have the opportunity to pinpoint fit, style and other improvements for your next delivery. We look forward to getting to know you better and will strive to send you better selections next time.

What if nothing fits?

We're always disappointed when we don’t get your fit right in your order. Our Stylists carefully review your Style Profile and any notes you leave, but sometimes it takes us some time to home in on what fits you best. If you want to try different sizes next time, please be sure to update your Style Profile. You can also let us know in your checkout survey if your body type requires different styles and we'll take your notes into consideration when styling future deliveries.

The checkout price is different from my paper bill—which is the actual price of my item?

As with any retailer, the prices of our items may shift as the seasons change or based on price changes from our vendors. If there is a price discrepancy with the items we sent, we'll always honour the lower price. Please check out for the item, and if your receipt doesn’t show the lower price, contact us and we'll be happy to make the price adjustment.