About the Style Profile

What is the Style Profile?

Your Style Profile is the first place your Stylist looks to learn about you. It’s where you share your preferences on fit, style and budget so we can send pieces that will be the best match for your lifestyle. You can update your Style Profile anytime to keep your information up to date as seasons change and your style evolves.

How do I update my Style Profile?

Access your Style Profile anytime to update your sizing or style preferences. Don’t forget to scroll all the way to the bottom of your Profile and click “Save.” If we’re already working on your order, please contact us so we can confirm whether your Stylist received your changes.

How do I add Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn to my profile?

The better we get to know you, the easier it is for us to hone in on your style. You can add links to your Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram accounts at the bottom of your Style Profile.

Pinterest is one of the best tools to help your Stylist get to know your taste. To link your Pinterest style board to your Stitch Fix account, copy and paste the URL for your board into the space provided near the bottom of your Style Profile. To get the correct URL, copy everything in the top bar of your browser following “www.pinterest.com.”

Can I add a photo to my Profile?

You can share a photo of yourself with your Stylist by including a link to your Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn account on your Style Profile. Linking any of these accounts will let your Stylist see your profile picture, as well as anything you share publicly. The spaces to enter your links are at the bottom of your Style Profile. For Twitter and Instagram, all you need to enter is your username. For LinkedIn and Pinterest, we need the URL for the page you want to share. To get the URL, copy and paste everything after "www" from your top browser bar.

If you’ve downloaded the Stitch Fix iPhone app, you can add a profile photo to your account. To add your photo, go to your Account page in the app and select “Profile Photo.” From the Profile Photo page, you can take a new picture or use one from your Photo Library.