Our Stylists

Who are the Stitch Fix Stylists?

Our Stylists are passionate about fashion. They’re natural trendsetters and style problem-solvers. But, more importantly, they love hearing from and about you. Our trained Stylists are motivated most by thoughtful communication with clients to help them discover the best pieces possible. It’s this trust that’s at the heart of the Stitch Fix experience.

Do I always have the same Stylist? Can I request one?

You can always request to have the same Stylist. When you find one who understands you and your style, you can ask for her or him in your Fix Note or leave feedback indicating that you’d like to stick with the same Stylist, if they’re available.

How do I find out who my Stylist is?

When your Fix delivery arrives, you’ll find a personalised note from your Stylist included with your order. Your Stylist will sign the note, letting you know who he or she is.

Can I talk to my Stylist?

Prior to your Fix delivery being styled, you can leave a note (we call it a ‘Fix Note’) for your Stylist with any requests or guidance. You can also leave feedback for your Stylist when you check out online.

Why should I work with a Stylist?

Our Stylists can help you discover your personal style, provide you with expert fashion advice, and help you save time!