Checking out for your order

How do I check out online?

When a Fix delivery arrives, the checkout link will automatically appear on your home page. Click the link to start leaving feedback on your items. Your feedback goes directly to your Stylist so we can learn about what worked and what didn’t work for each piece. At the end, you'll see a summary of the items you're keeping and a breakdown of your receipt.

How to check out online:

  • Go to your home page.
  • If you aren't already signed in, click ‘Sign In’ from the upper right-hand corner.
  • You’ll see your home page with a ‘Check out’ button for the current Fix delivery. Click the button.
  • Complete the checkout survey. Items are pre-selected as ‘Keep’. If you would like to keep an item please leave feedback about what you liked most about the piece so we can learn about your preferences.
  • For the items you want to return, click ‘Return’ and let us know why the piece didn’t work out. We’ll use your feedback to home in better on what you’re looking for.
  • Once you’ve made your selections, click the ‘Review Order’ button at the bottom of the page; you’ll still be able to review and confirm your order before it’s finalised.

How do I check out using the Stitch Fix iPhone app?

After a Fix delivery arrives, open the Stitch Fix app and you’ll be prompted to complete the checkout survey.

How to check out from the Stitch Fix app:

  • Select ‘Begin Checkout’.
  • Fill out the item feedback. You can toggle between ‘Keep’ and ‘Return’ for each item. Be sure to give your Stylist specific feedback about each item so we can learn what works.
  • After you’ve made your selections for all the items, press ‘Next’ to leave feedback on your overall experience. ”
  • Touch ‘Next’ again to review and confirm your order.
  • Touch ‘Purchase’ to finalise your order.

How do I add feedback after receiving my receipt?

After we receive your order, the checkout page is no longer available. If you have additional feedback, we’d still love to hear it to learn more about your style and fit preferences. If you need to add additional feedback after you checkout, please contact us with any notes and comments we can pass along to your Stylist.